Best free web design tools in 2019

Best free web design tools in 2019

Web design tools can be expensive. Whether you are downloading the latest Adobe package or shelling out for something that can help you to upload files at a premium speed, there always seems to be another cost involved. These web tools are not only some of the best on offer for web designers in 2019, but they are also totally free – and we are very much on board with that!


This software is easy to use and free to download, and makes creating a new website from scratch as easy as pie. There’s no need to use code with Macaw, so you don’t need to know the difference between HTML5, Java, Flash, C++, or Germin8 (or which one of those terms we just made up).

There are video tutorials available to get you up to speed quickly, and everything is designed to ensure that your final website will be both beautiful and responsive. That makes it perfect for 2019’s mobile-friendly requirements.


If your website needs graphics of any kind, Canva can provide them. This is a free graphic design tool which allows you to work online, so you can access your designs remotely and even send others a link to collaborate on them. You can download the resulting images in a number of file formats and with various options to check off, so that they are exactly the way you want them.

This is a very easy way to design something like a splash page or your social media icons. What’s more, you will get access to tons of free ready-to-use illustrations, icons, and photographs to suit your needs in the Canva library. And they even have templates to fit any size design, so that you can get a head-start if you aren’t graphic design savvy.

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This app is great for designers who aren’t so good at actually bringing their designs to life. It allows you to upload illustrations and designs, and see them turned into functioning prototypes. It’s free for life if you just want to work on a couple of projects (note: there’s nothing to stop you starting a new account with a new email address later), and you don’t mind having the Marvel branding on your site.


Every designer needs to know a thing or two about colour theory, and how to use colour effectively. If you don’t, then you’re at a disadvantage… unless you use Pictaculous. It allows you to find a colour scheme which will suit your needs, in which every tone and shade is complimentary to the others.

Start by uploading an image you intend to use, and the app will draw out the colours within it. Then it will suggest others that would go nicely alongside it. Now your hero image can really be a hero – and you can even go a bit further by uploading something like a company logo to figure out what would look good on a branded site.


WAMP (for Windows) and MAMP (for Mac) are tools that allow you to completely test out a website and check that everything is working properly – before you even put it online. You can use this to test your design ideas before taking the plunge to get them hosted on a server, meaning you can save yourself some panic time of trying to get it right once you are already paying.

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These tools are all great for designing and building a website, testing it, and making sure that everything works the way you planned. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is your hosting!

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