cPanel or Plesk?

cPanel or Plesk

Here at MoboHosting Services, we offer you the choice between cPanel and Plesk, which are two of the most popular control panels available. In this blog post we will be looking at their respective features, and comparing them.


OS Compatibility

cPanel was originally developed to run on Linux servers and is currently compatible with RedHat Linux, CloudLinux, and CentOS. cPanel is not currently compatible with Windows servers.

Plesk was originally developed for use in Windows systems, but it can also be used with Linux OS’s such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, CloudLinux, and RedHat Linux.



Plesk and cPanel both provide the user with easy-to-navigate interfaces, although Plesk is more like a WordPress admin layout, so it may be more familiar to some users.

Plesk has a main menu on the left, with the contents of the tab shown on the left when a menu item is clicked. cPanel has features grouped into horizontal sections, with no side menu.

Additionally, the cPanel interface has some customization options, allowing the user to modify the layout.


Features and tools

There are a standard set of tools that you will need to manage your hosting, and carry our account and server management tasks. Plesk and cPanel both come with these tools, which include the following:

  • File management
  • Application installation
  • Management of databases
  • FTP management
  • DNS settings configuration
  • Email account management
  • Server logs
  • Resource monitoring
  • Analytics


With Mobo Hosting Services, your Plesk or cPanel control panel provides you with the option to install over 200 applications.

Tips For Securing Your VPS


AutoSSL and LetsEncrypt

Should you choose the cPanel control panel then all of your websites will be protected with AutoSSL, or if you prefer to use the Plesk control panel then your sites will be protected with LetsEncrypt.



cPanel and Plesk are both superb control panels, and which one you choose may come down to your own preference. If you have any questions about which control panel would be best for you then please get in touch,

Sara Elicon
Sara Elicon

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