Five side hustle Ideas for 2020


Introducing, the side hustle, our regular 9-5 jobs have provided us with a stable and steady income for years – but the truth is, life has always hit us hard. In these unprecedented times, some of us seek other ways to earn extra cash to bolter savings or pay off debts.

If you have been looking for a side hustle idea to latch on to, this piece comes handy—and you’ll love the options out there.  Here are five side hustle ideas to help you get started.

So, without further ado, let’s delve right in.

Virtual Assistant

One of the most in-demand side hustle idea in a digital economy is becoming a virtual assistant. One of the good things about this idea is that you can work from any part of the world (in the comfort of your home) using your laptop. With a growing number of people launching their digital business, the demand for virtual assistant has since seen an increase.

Domain Reselling

Domain investment is one of the simplest side hustle ideas. There’s no other place to get 1000% plus return in a relatively short period (sometimes less than 90 days). You can sometimes buy and sell at $900 profit or more. Domains are the internet’s real estate and are becoming increasingly vital in this day and age.

A mid-tier domain could jump from $900 to $7,300. The rise of WordPress and the building of websites has primarily been responsible for this huge increase. More and more people are prepared to shell out pretty sums to get what they need.

How do Reditt and Discord make money?

Create an Online Course

Come up with an online training course with  Udemy or Teachable, and leverage some of your skills in generating a healthy income. You can create a significant side-income stream by developing courses that offer great value depending on how much time you spend in your course.

Become a Local Tour Guide

Consider being a local guide if you live in a vacation destination. You might also offer your services free of charge and ask for a tip to get more customers. You may also get more customers through referrals from past clients.

Building Websites

You don’t have to spend all day learning HTML or mastering coding. There are simple page builders that make life a lot easier. You can earn building websites for various purposes—it could be for e-commerce or personal blogging. This is a side hustle idea that could make you a lot of money.

As you delve in with your skill, you may decide to target deep-pocket clients, meeting their needs, and creating value every step of the way.

The benefit of these ideas is that they don’t need a substantial initial investment or even an advanced set of skills. Of course, not all could be called “business ideas,” but each could make you money in your spare time.

What are you still waiting for? Jump on one of these ideas and start making additional money — it is as easy as that.

Sara Elicon
Sara Elicon

Sara started her technical writing career years ago as an IT Project Manager creating both business and technical documents. With experience in composing manuals and guides, she turned her love of writing toward consumer tech and the internet. She is currently working as a writer and CEO of MoboHost.

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