How to access cPanel Webmail

How to access cPanel Webmail

There are several options to access your cPanel Webmail interface:

Using direct links
Via the cPanel account

  • Using direct links

To access Webmail directly in your browser, copy and paste one of the following links in to your browser:

Once Webmail has loaded, enter the email address and the password of the account you want to access and click the Log in button:


NOTE: If you use the link to access your cPanel webmail, there’s a good chance you’ll see a ‘broken’ interface when you come accessing the Horde webmail client. It happens since such a proxy link uses port 80 to connect, while the default cPanel configuration for the aforementioned clients implies port 81. This mismatch may result in a connection error or corrupted webmail displaying.

  • Via the cPanel account

Another way to log in to your webmail interface is to do it from a cPanel account. To begin, open your cPanel and navigate to the Email Accounts menu:


On the next page, find the mailbox you want to access and click the Check Email button:


If you are logging into Webmail for the first time, you’ll be presented with the two interfaces:


You can choose any webmail interface you want.

Horde webmail interface:


Roundcube webmail interface:


It’s possible to change the webmail interface at any time, just select the Webmail Home option:


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