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Jun 16, 2023
10 Best AI SEO Tools in 2023 (Software to Help You Rank)
According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 200 million active websites right now. This number means that it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to stand out online. But...
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disable emojis
The Simplest Way to Disable Emojis in WordPress
Are you looking for a way to disable emojis in WordPress? ✋ Disabling the WordPress emoji file can eliminate an HTTP request on your site, without affecting the experience for...
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Is Your WordPress Admin Slow? 5 Ways to Fix It
Is your WordPress admin slow when you try to use it? Although WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS), it isn’t without its issues. Sometimes its admin panel can...
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Aug 13, 2022
Creating a database in cPanel
To create a MySQL database in cPanel: Click MySQL Databases under Databases in cPanel. Under Create New Database, enter the name of the database in the New Database: text box. 3. When ready, click Create...
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