4 top tips for email marketers in 2019

4 top tips for email marketers in 2019

Email marketing has gone through many changes in its short history, and they are still coming thick and fast. If you have ever sent an email for marketing purposes, chances are that the techniques you used are already out of date. Here are the top tips that you will need to make your emails work for you in 2019.

Build relationships

Too many email blasts are all about making sales, and these can really turn the customer off. Instead, you need to focus on building relationships between the customer and the brand. It is these relationships that will create repeat sales and keep people loyal, which is much more valuable than a single purchase.

Building relationships starts from the very first email that goes out. This should be a welcome email which you can send to every single subscriber, but it is best customised depending on how they have joined the list.

Focus on bringing the customer in to your brand circle, getting to know you while helping them to understand the ethos behind your company. This will make them more engaged and give them more of a reason to keep listening.

Use email funnels

Funnels should be used to ensure that you keep all of your customers on the right track.

Each subscriber should be tagged with different variables along their journey. These should include a tag for how they came on board the mailing list, a tag for every type of item or service they have purchased, and so on. You can even tag them depending on how well they have responded to certain campaigns in the past.

SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Horde

Once you have your tags set up, you can create funnels which guide each subscriber through a series of emails in the right direction. If they came on board after making a purchase, you can send the appropriate welcome email with some follow-ups. Perhaps you will ask them to write a review. If they do, they pass into a new funnel. If not, they continue down the line.

Funnels take away the guesswork, allowing you to control the customer relationship and encourage further sales in the future.

Automate everything

If you can do one thing to make your job as an email marketer easier, it is to automate everything.

Set up your email client so that incoming subscribers are automatically tagged and then automatically put onto the correct welcome funnel. You can then set up funnels to run consecutively so that the customer is taken through the right marketing experience, with switches here and there to take them off one track and put them on another.

This will allow you to sit back and focus on other areas of the marketing process, such as creating new campaigns. If you don’t have to monitor every single customer, but instead wait for your reports on how well your funnels are doing, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Be personalised

Finally, make sure that you are always personalised as much as possible. No one likes to be subjected to chain emails over and over again – it’s much nicer to receive something that feels like it was meant directly for you.

The benefits of using branded email

You can do this through little touches such as including the recipient’s name or some mention of a product or service they have purchased before. You can also personalise their experience by your funnels and tagging system. For example, if a customer purchases newborn items, you can switch them onto the 3-to-6-month items after three months, then put them on the 12-month items after a year.

If someone purchases bridal items, you might then want to start pitching them your honeymoon sales emails. You can use these milestones to make them feel like you’re keeping up with their life and their needs, anticipating what they want before they have to ask.

Email marketing these days must be more flexible, more personal, and faster than it was in the past. That means relying a great deal on software to take out the difficult work, making the process easier and preventing you from spending long hours at your desk poring over customer details.

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