8 Important Factors for Site Domain to Improve Your Site SEO

Domain life has a great impact on the ranking of your site in Google-mobohost

Domain life has a great impact on the ranking of your site in Google-mobohost

1- Domain life has a great impact on the ranking of your site in Google.

You have heard many times that domain life has a big impact on the site ranking in Google, but this time I decided to explain this concept more clearly to you, domain life does not mean that you go to a domain that was registered by someone 10 years ago Buy and launch your site with that domain, the domain life means the first time the site indexed its results in Google and then was always active and available, a domain that was purchased years ago and A site that is not active on it can not be considered a valuable domain from the point of view of Google, it has a valuable domain and a long life that, for example, has been active for 10 years and is available to users, so you get your site as fast as possible Launch more and gradually work on your site and do not worry about anything because the longer the life of your website, the more points you will receive compared to your competitors.

Use the keyword in your domain name-mobohost

2. Use the keyword in your domain name.

Of course, Google recently announced that using a keyword in another domain name can not affect the ranking of your site in that keyword, but be sure that if you can put your site keyword in the domain name and then register the domain properly. It seriously affects the ranking of your site, for example, if you want to be in the first ranks of Google with the word site design, it is better to buy the domain designsite.com and work on the SEO of that site, of course, many domains with beautiful names Containing competing keywords has already been registered by other people and you can not easily buy such domains. There is a domain name that matters, in fact experience has proven to us that a good domain name can be 50% of an SEO project and a good domain name itself is half way through for you. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you consider choosing the right domain when registering a domain.

Your keyword should be in the first part of the domain-mobohost

3- Your keyword should be in the first part of the domain.

First of all, the important point in choosing a domain name is that the number of letters in your domain should not be more than 12 letters, because if the number of letters in your domain is more than 12, it will be very difficult for the user to remember, and one of the main points In choosing the right domain name, the domain name should be short and the user can easily remember it, for example, if you want to have a better position in the gold keyword in Google results than your other competitors than the gold word in the first domain name. Use, for example, select the domain Gold-Max.com and put the brand title in the second part of the domain. It is very important that the keyword is in which part of your domain name and is understandable for users and search engines. Again, my many years of experience have proven that choosing the right and smart domain name is 50% of a SEO project.

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The expiration time of your domain is long-mobohost

4- The expiration time of your domain is long.

I’m sure you have not heard of this factor before, if your domain expires in less than 2 years, Google will give less importance to your site than older sites, and this is the first time that this important factor is SEO and site optimization in Mobohost. For example, if your domain is due to expire in the next 4 months, and given that Google checks the expiration date and specification of the domain and then does the rankings for a site that is scheduled to expire in 4 months The future does not matter much, Google understands well that if a site really decides to provide good services to users for years and its site is important to it and is a source of income, be sure to invest heavily in the site and the domain of that site. For example, companies that confidently design and launch their site will extend their domain for at least the next 5 years, and Google understands this well, we have this technique on our site We implemented and extended the domain of our site for the next few years, and after a short time, Google saw results We were significant feet, you may say to yourself that we do not want our site domain to expire and when the deadline expires we will go and extend it for the next year, but no Google does not think so about your site, so my advice is that your site domain Extend what you are going to invest in the SEO of that site for the next 5 years.

Use keywords in the subdomain-mobohost

5. Use keywords in the subdomain.

Considering that Google has recently announced that we consider the validity of each subdomain or subdomain separately from the main domain of the sites, I recommend you to design and launch new subdomains and landing pages with some of your competing words. And then focus on increasing your subdomain rank in Google, for example you all know the amazon.com domain, this site has more than a thousand subdomains (sellers page) each of which has some keywords in it. They rank very well in search results and Google identifies each subdomain of this site as a separate site or store and gives these pages an acceptable ranking in some keywords, so if you also have several businesses that operate in different areas. You can create subdomains for them and SEO subdomains.

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Be sure to check your domain history before registering it-mobohost

6- Be sure to check your domain history before registering it.

This is one of the most important points that is usually not reviewed by webmasters and SEOs and they never care about it, while this is one of the biggest and most influential factors in the development of a site, Google over and over again In his blog, he informed us that we check the domain owner information once in a while and keep it in our databases and use it to rank that domain in the results, this is important because you When you register and use a domain, you are unaware that this domain may have been registered by another person 5 years ago and the site was closed after a while, ask yourself why someone has closed the site? And the domain is re-released for registration? Well, of course, if it was a successful site and domain, it would never be shut down. It is possible that the owner of this domain has already done something against the rules of search engines such as spam and abuse, and the site has been fined and penalized by search engines, and the credibility of this domain is forever before black and other search engines. Be forgivable. I have an interesting example to prove this. I implemented the best SEO and optimization techniques on a range of 3 years, and I spent hours developing that site in Google, and I constantly worked to standardize that site, maybe you believe me. I did not produce 300 specialized articles for that site, but because this domain was discredited by someone else 5 years ago before Google, it did not get a good ranking in the results until I realized this issue and a domain I registered a new one that no one had registered before. It is interesting to know that with 3 months of continuous work on that new domain, I could get the best results, but with 3 years of specialized work on a domain that was in the Google spam list, I could not do anything. To reach a conclusion, before starting the SEO project with archive.org/web and domaintools.com tools, please analyze your site now and see who registered this domain before you and which sites were active on this domain? In carrying out optimization projects, be sure to consider the domain history as a record and a winner, I worked hard for 3 years to reach this result and tell it to you, and now I have given this point to you; Pay close attention to this factor.

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Unhindered your domain status-mobohost

7- Unhindered your domain status.

Some domain service providers in the domain management panels allow you to hide the domain status of your domain from the public and in other words no one can find out that this domain is yours (hide whois domain) but the important point It’s very important for Google to be able to find out by whom and with what identity this domain was registered and who exactly owns the domain of this website? In order for Google to be able to provide the best and most secure sites to its users in the results, it must be able to identify who registered this domain and whether this person did not already own the sites that were on the spam list, if Google can Recognize that the owner of the domain of a fraudulent and fraudulent person who has previously acted against the rules of search engines (decided to deceive the search engine robots) will not show the site to its users in the results, so if your domain whois information private From now on, publish your domain name so that Google can identify the owner of the domain. Try to use the profile of one of your acquaintances or your company name to register a new domain, and try not to buy second-hand domains on the Internet at all.

Use the national domains of your country to launch your site-mobohost

8- Use the national domains of your country to launch your site.

One of the main points and ways in which the site appears in the results is that if you want to get a favorable position in Google results in your own country and on the web, from the national domains of your own country, such as de. Use to start the cartoon. If from the domain de. Use for SEO and optimization of your site and your site with the domain de. Startups Google detects the language and location of searchers, for example, a German person with a German word is searching inside Google, and given that Google knows a site de. Also belongs to a German company; It tries to show a site in the results to its user that is both the language and the compatriot of the searcher, so use the de domain. For German language sites where you are supposed to do SEO, it is considered a winning card in doing SEO and optimization projects.

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