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Apr 11, 2022



6- Write attractive content for your users.

No matter how scientifically rich and quality your articles are; We can only consider it quality and excellent content if the visitor is excited after reading the article and says to himself that this content is very interesting and can be useful for my friends and then the reader of your article to 10 other people. Share We consider this type of content as quality and attractive content because this type of content produced by you is always shared between people in many social networks on a daily basis and your website also gets more credibility every day. Come on, you have to learn techniques by which you can produce interesting and useful content, I hope you are not upset, but if you do not decide to write content professionally and help increase the knowledge of your users and Internet users, then please Google Do not expect it to help you get rich, always remember that content is the king of SEO.


7. Use videos on your website.

Of course, you may have heard this many times before, but the use of video in the discussion of site optimization has recently become a compulsion, while I remind you that if you are in contact with professional sites always You can see that video is being used gradually on these sites, using video content production techniques can be a win-win for your website, and if video is generated on your site, Google will value you twice as much. Let’s think that in today’s world, with so much busyness, no one is bored to read long articles and everyone is looking to get the result they want as soon as possible, so you can help people like this by producing content as much as possible. Get to the desired result faster.

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8- Use social networks in your internet business.

If you are looking for progress in SEO, using social networks for your site is a must so that you can engage the user with your site with the help of these networks and communicate with your users more and more easily in these networks. Share on these networks and ask your users to comment on your articles and create a serious reflection with your users on social networks.



9- Have a strategy to attract quality links.

Recently, many users come to us and say, “Please introduce us to some sites so that we can buy links within those sites and improve our SEO. Do you really think that by buying a few links, you can be better than your competitors?” ? So easy? Really think that if you put several links on different sites and your SEO is improved, can you stay with the same links in the top ranks of Google forever? No, because your competitor also builds links on the same sites that you have created, and after a short time, he will overtake you more. These methods, such as building and buying other backlinks, have no place in SEO science. Come and accept. That these methods are dead and can only guarantee your position in Google for a short time, you must have a professional strategy to build links, professional link building strategy means to plan methods that people and sites Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Maintains its position in Google, buy links and put these thoughts aside forever.

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Plan user participation in your site

10- Plan user participation in your site.

Please act differently, from 2015 onwards, if a user can not participate in a site, that site can not attract high traffic from target users in any way, ask users to comment on your content, about your services Provide a body and infrastructure so that users can share experiences on your site, be creative, and try to have programs that help users and visitors grow your website to start a great development. You can not do all the work yourself, let some people do the work for you and people to help your brand grow, do not worry, I will teach you ways to do these creative things as much as possible.

Sara Elicon
Sara Elicon

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