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The speed of your site should be high-mobohost
Apr 8, 2022


1-The site architecture is correct.

Most sites typically use WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! CMS, so most of these cms are built to standard coding architecture because highly professional programmers and developers are developing the software. Are; The question for some of our users is always, is WordPress SEO better or Joomla? I’m not going to get into a war between these two content management systems, but people who say that WordPress SEO is much more powerful than Joomla! They produce content and submit articles, and by adding a few plugins to WordPress SEO and providing specialized content, they are certainly stronger than Joomla sites that are made for companies and are not updated for many years. My opinion is that Joomla can also SEO. It should be good, but in order to be able to SEO Joomla, you must be very professional and implement many techniques to optimize this system, but this is not the case in WordPress, and SEO standards are usually well observed by default in WordPress. Choosing the right content management system is the first step to success, so it is better to use WordPress because SEO WordPress is easier and more enjoyable and you can achieve the desired result faster.


The speed of your site should be high-mobohost

2- The speed of your site should be high.

Site speed is one of the most important factors in optimizing the site, the speed of your site should always be in a very good condition so that users can easily browse your site, if you enter the site gtmetrix.com and enter your site address in this site Click and analyze button, this site examines some of the factors of your site optimization very quickly and then gives you good results, one of the results is testing the speed of your site and the loading speed of your site for a normal user. And offers you, your website PageSpeed ​​Score should be higher than 90% and on grade A, that is, fast, focus on your site speed and try to keep it to a minimum, do not forget that If the speed of your website is not good, you can not get a good result by observing all SEO factors, the faster your website loads, the better.

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Your site host should be of quality and always available

3- Your site host should be of quality and always available.

As you are never willing to build your blood in any neighborhood, you should not implement your site on any server or host, I think a good host that has high stability, spam sites are not maintained on their server and the width It has a very good band, choosing the right host in the previous important factor, ie the speed of the site is also very effective, and thus if you choose the right host for your site, you have taken one of the most important steps in your SEO and optimization.


Attract the target user to your site-mobohost

4- Attract the target user to your site

One of the most important things that webmasters usually do not observe in SEO is not attracting the target visitor or target visitor. At the same time, many SEOs and webmasters focus on the old methods and the theory of optimization and increasing the ranking. Flexible, for example, many users ask us if your SEO is good, then why is your Alexa rank low? Please note that SEO has nothing to do with Alexa rank, in the standard SEO process our focus is on directing targeted users to the site, not to increase the Alexa rank by asking for a flood of visitors that have nothing to do with our business. In the standard and principled SEO process, our goal is to attract the target user and increase revenue, which means that if we can get even 50 users a day from search engines, but these users are buyers. We are successful in SEO project, so Alexa rank is not important for us in site optimization, our overall goal is to choose the target keyword and increase the ranking of your site in the target keyword so that we can direct target users to our site.

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Choose the right keywords for your site-mobohost

5. Choose the right keywords for your site.

As a first step to optimize your website, you should choose the right keywords for your site, try to choose the keywords for your site to make sure these words are searched by users, choose words that, if they are to be on them for years. Work to the top of Google to make sure those words are searched by users and will attract the target user to your site, choosing the right keyword is accompanied by specialized research in search engines and is always one of the important tools Google Keyword Planner is a tool that can help you discover the types of keywords and how competitive they are in search engines. Note that this is one of the Google tools for people who want to advertise on Google Click google adwords and with this tool they can measure the amount of competition and the number of searches for each word and then start their ads on Google, but with the help of this tool we can find the right keywords to optimize our site and the level of competition. Find the word being, of course, how Working with this tool is a bit complicated and professional, in a separate article we will teach you how to work with the Google Planner tool completely, but right now you can search for working with this tool in Google and find related tutorials, and Start the cartoon now.


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