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SEO factors and site optimization + SEO training-mobohost
Apr 6, 2022

SEO factors and site optimization + SEO training-mobohost

In recent years, Google announced in an article on its official blog that we include more than 200 factors in ranking each site in the results, each of which has 50 different items, which you observe these factors. You can improve the SEO and optimization of your site in an acceptable way, and then you will see a significant increase in your site traffic in search engine results, and by knowing these important points and factors, you will be able to optimize any type of site from now on. In this tutorial, I will first introduce the important and golden points and SEO factors and give a brief explanation about each of them, and if you follow all these factors in your online business and website without Doubt you come to the first ranks of Google and you can experience high sales for years and get many users from search engines.

SEO factors and site optimization + SEO training-mobohost

How does Google‘s algorithm work?

Before presenting the 126 ranking factors in Google, you must first know exactly how Google algorithms work and why the algorithms are constantly being updated and improved. By knowing this important point, you can better understand how Google works. Now, Google and its algorithms are always trying to direct users to the best result and the best site and get user satisfaction. Achieves the required results, all Google algorithms were created to show the site the sites that are higher quality and content, so Google algorithms check all sites and according to 126 important factors They analyze which site in which word is better than other competitors in every way and then the rankings are done. Instead of studying complex Google algorithms, all you have to do is be better than your other competitors. And get Google users to get the results they want, and that too with effort and planning It turns out, if you always follow this constant rule and try to consider the best for your site visitors, the first ranks of Google will always be for you.

6 Awesome Tools for Competitor Research

Disclaimer: Google has not disclosed any of the factors that we explain to you below and these factors have not been published by any of the official Google sources, I have the following factors and points based on several years of practical experience and I have studied specific websites and implemented them on large sites, and I have always achieved the best results by observing them in SEO and optimization projects, or better to say, sometimes even by observing these factors. Miracles have happened in websites and now you too can seriously improve your SEO by following the tips, please read to the end of this article and follow all the factors in your site and be sure that the result You get what you want, but not overnight! In my experience, after observing all these factors, after 2 months, you will seriously feel that your website traffic will increase and with it, your income will increase, so the first principle in SEO is not to hurry.

In the SEO and content production department of Mobohost, we try to present one of these topics to you dear ones daily.

Alisha Boone
Alisha Boone

Alisha Boone is a Staff Writer at Mobohost. He has been SEO and Article Manager for over a decade and previously worked as a News Editor at Marc Developers. Alisha loves all things technology and SEO. He has written thousands of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens of reviews.

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