8 Online Marketing Blogs to Spark Your Creativity

8 Online Marketing Blogs to Spark Your Creativity

Marketing departments have a clear goal to create original content for their clients or the companies they work with — whether it’s a piece of artistic art, a memorable ad, a cool Instagram post or a spectacular rebrand.

Nevertheless, the market is so filled with concepts, messaging and ads from each and every medium you would think that it is sometimes more challenging to find the original concept that sets your agency and your company apart from the rest.

1. HubSpot Marketing Blog

Hubspot is packed with bite-size, actionable, easy-to-read marketing insights and tips. Check for almost every subject relevant to modern marketing, from content curing to email templates to making videos for your small business. You ‘re probably going to find some support and inspiration here.

2. Orbit Media Blog

Orbit Media Studios is a web design and development studio that publishes an excellent results-driven marketing blog. The topics can help with the digital presence of your business through your website and beyond. From creating a creative website that acts as a conversion rate machine to targeting and tracking the performance, Orbit offers some great advice.

3. Httpster

This blog features innovative and beautiful site designs made by designers across the globe. The blog also features some great online design tips for converting your customers!

4. The Dieline

If you’re into packaging design — this blog is perfect for inspiration. It includes a wealth of materials such as articles, images, events, jobs and awards in the packaging design field that you can acquire inspiration from and use this when publishing your products online.

5. Leanplum

Most digital marketing blogs concentrate on such issues as email marketing, blogging and social networking. Yet given how much mobile has taken over the internet, it’s a shame there aren’t more mobile marketing blogs out there. This makes us all the more appreciative of Leanplum, with its emphasis on mobile email marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Leanplum is committed to exploring new marketing patterns and platforms, from mobile email optimization and UI drops to popular smartphone devices, to creating push notification tactics and evolving marketing technologies to pay attention to them.

6. Moz!

Moz covers a range of in-depth topics in relation to Search Engine Optimisation.

For SEOs out there, Moz whiteboard Fridays have historically been very popular with newcomers and seasoned optimisers, you should definitely check it out!

7. Hacking UI

Best ideas are often sparked when web designers are free to roam, and Hacking UI is one of the most engaged design communities in the world. Regular newsletters, podcasts, forums and blogs spark a thousand ideas to bring home your own web design agency – but don’t forget to share your best tips.

8. Our Blog

Last but not least, check out our blog! We cover a range of different topics in relation to online marketing and SEO. You can visit our blog website here.

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Jason Douglas

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