6 tips for marketing your E-commerce website

6 tips for marketing your E-commerce website

Marketing your e-commerce website is essential to drive traffic and especially to convert visitors into customers.

In a world where online purchases are continuing to grow and the market is dominated by the likes of Amazon and eBay, it’s essential to market your site carefully.

Doing so by spreading advertising across different strategies, opportunities increase, and this method is crucial to a long-term marketing plan.

By utilizing a diverse range of methods, you increase the overall chances of successful marketing. Many people make the mistake of not being willing to use multiple marketing tactics. Yet, they help you reach more buyers and increase conversions.

Here are 6 tips to market your e-commerce website:

Social Media

Social Media is a key component in marketing your website.  Open accounts in the name of the website and establish an online presence for your brand.  Many strategies work using social media marketing.  It’s a case of finding what works for your brand and suits your personality.  Once, you are used to marketing in this way you should learn the most effective sources and strategies for your business.

Paid Advertising

Pay per click or other forms of paid advertising can be a great way of getting your brand to the people.  As long as you have a website geared for visitor to sales conversion, this is a great marketing tool for your e-commerce site.

Informative Blog Posts

Ensuring that your site has a dedicated blog area that is informative and related to what you are selling is an efficient marketing tool.  Reliable and trustworthy blogs giving potential clients information builds trust and brand loyalty.  The blogs may bring people to the e-commerce site, but the real value is in the long game of keeping them coming back.

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Promoting the blog on social media can also work as a more subtle way of drawing people to your e-commerce site.


Search engine optimization is crucial to building your business.  Utilizing the right SEO by ensuring that frequently searched terms and phrases are seamlessly incorporated into your products titles and descriptions makes a difference.  There are tools such as Ahrefs, Amazon or Google that you can use to identify the most popular keywords.

Follow up the carefully used SEO keywords with Google Analytics that will enable you to check which search keywords are leading to increased traffic and greater sales.

Google Content and Backlinks

To obtain a higher ranking in the search engines is about more than SEO, it’s about how the SEO used and other aspects of your site such as content and backlinks.

Content marketing on your site and utilizing backlinks is a smooth way to help you climb the search engine ladder and increase visits to your e-commerce site.  The content of a blog can help with the SEO.  Backlinks can be provided by naming influencers and then contacting them with a link of the blog, showing that you have featured them on your website.  Frequently, they will be so pleased that they are featured that they’ll include a link to your website on theirs.


Genuine consumer reviews of the items you sell are a great way to boost customer trust and help convert to sales.

Always, follow up sales with an email to the buyer checking that everything is okay and asking if they will kindly review the product(s) on your site.  Sometimes an incentive such as the chance of money off or a free item will boost the numbers of people writing meaningful reviews.

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